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New Video Page

I have added a new video page today (well yesterday) and I am going to add my videos on youtube there πŸ™‚

Hope to blog more,


Maybe I should blog more

So guys (and girls!) I have thought that my wordpress is barley touched anymore and does need a few more blog posts. What I might do is get a really good wordpress theme. We’ll see how it goes.

Hey Guys #2!

Well then, this is a test post for Windows Live Writer which I’ve never used before. Let’s hope it works πŸ˜€


Hey Guys!

Hey guys!!! I bet you all missed me πŸ˜›
So then all I wanted to say today was to subscribe to my blog. I’m still going to be using Tumblr as another blogging website but I am probably going to update this a bit more πŸ˜‰

Thanks guys!

Check out my stuff! πŸ˜€

New Blog :D

Hey guys! Yes, its me Roboduk3 but instead on wordpress!! I was just testing it out just to see if it was any good. Hopefully I will be posting alot more than this.

Roboduk3 πŸ˜›